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Discrete & Power Management

Discrete & Power Management (MOSFET / Transistor / Diode / ESD / TVS)

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 • N Channel 400V trench/planar MOSFET (Developing)
 • N Channel 650V trench/planar MOSFET (Study)
 • N Channel 800V trench/planar MOSFET (Study)
 • N Channel 900V trench/planar MOSFET (Study)

 • Dual-N Channel 12V trench MOSFET
 • Single-P Channel 20V trench MOSFET(Developing)
 • Single-P Channel 30V trench MOSFET(Developing)
 • Single-N Channel 60V trench MOSFET(Study)

 • 4 *P channel 5V trench MOSFET (Developing)
 • 8, 16, 32 * P channel 5V trench MOSFET (Developing)
 • 4*N channel 20V trench MOSFET(Study)

Why Force-MOS


CSP advantages for Battery PAK

1.  Shorten the making process
2.  Huge cost reduction
3.  Much easier in automation and computerization
4.  Great improvement in electric function, lower in equipment cost (simplification)
5.  Easy to prepare the material and the making equipment
6.  Simplify and lower the cost in Burn-In process(Built in Circuit is used)
7.  Simplify and lower the cost in testing process(Built In Self Test Circuit; BIST is used)
8.  Easy to track the making process (Yield Improvement)
9.  Prolonging equipment durability, using present SMT process

Force-MOS Thin-PAK for CSP Application

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 • The thickness of Thin-PAK system products are 0.55mm. They are much more stable in reliability and the better cooling effectiveness.

 • Our first product is in package Power PAK 2*3, breakdown voltage is 12V and the Rds(on) is 1mΩ,the specification is the lowest in the market.