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Company History

2021. 10
HQ Relocation to AcroTower A-304, Simindae-ro 230, Dongan-gu,
Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14067, Korea

2020. 08
SCUD (China) Battery Cell/Pack Distributorship Agreement in Korea

2020. 06
Force-Mos (Taiwan) Discrete & Power Management (MOSFET/Transistor/Diode/TVS) Business Launching

2020. 05
FAF (China) RF Connector/Switch New Business Launching

QQE (Taiwan) Power Charger New Business Launching

2020. 01
Edison Opto and Edison Litek (Taiwan) LED Package (General & Automotive Lighting) Exclusive Distributorship Agreement in Korea

2019. 11
SCUD (China) Battery Cell/Pack Sales Agreement

2019. 10
Digilux (Taiwan) Memory & Data Storage (SD/microSD/SSD) Exclusive Distributorship Agreement in Korea

2019. 05
Polytronics (Taiwan) PPTC/Fuse/TVS Diode Sales Agent Agreement

2019. 02
Uju Electronics (Korea) Connector Business Launching

2018. 10
SuperTalent (USA) Memory & Data Storage (SD/microSD) Sales Agent Agreement

Business Registration for Software Development and Manufacturing

2018. 04
Selected as a Participating Company in the Advanced Production Technology Development Project by the Korea Institute for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Planning and Evaluation (Development/Manufacturing of Communication Modules Based on Blockchain)

2017. 07
HDT (Taiwan) Power Inductor Business Launching

2016. 08
Nanjing Sart Science & Technology Development (China) Fuse/CSR Sales Agent Agreement

VINATech (Korea) Supercapacitor Business Launching

2015. 12
Diptronics (Taiwan) Switch/Connector Korea Business Launching

2015. 10
Matsuo Electric (Japan) Tantalum Capacitor/Fuse Sales Agent Agreement

2014. 12
MK CO., LTD. Founded