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Thank you for inquiring about our product.
If you send us the inquiry together with the information described below, we will reply to you promptly.
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■ Customer Request
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개인정보취급정책 동의여부 (Privacy Policies) (선택)

㈜ 엠케이(이하 “회사”라고 합니다)는 고객과 협력사의 개인정보 및 프라이버시에 대한 사항(이하 “개인정보”라고 합니다)에 대하여 “정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호에 관한 법률” 및 “개인정보 보호법” 등 개인정보 보호관련 법령을 준수하며, 이용목적을 명확히 하여 적정하게 취득하고, 안전하고 정확하게 관리하기 위해 다음과 같이 실시하고 있습니다. 회사의 개인정보취급방침은 법률의 제.개정, 정부 정책 변경, 회사 내부 방침 변경 등으로 인하여 변경될 수 있으므로, 변경사항을 이용자가 확인하기 용이하도록 홈페이지에 게시하고 있습니다.

MK CO., LTD. (henceforth referred to as "the company") observes all regulations and laws related to user privacy, including the "Promotion of Information and Communications Network and Privacy Act". The company's Privacy Policies may be modified according to legislation, revision of existing laws, changes in the government or the company policies, and so forth. The company posts any such changes on our website so that users can check any time.

The user's personal information collected by the company will be used for more effective consultation with the user and in order to better respond to their questions.

■ 개인정보의 수집
회사는 개인정보를 취득하는 경우, 그 이용목적을 사전에 공지하여, 적절한 범위 내에서 취득합니다.

■ Personal information items that will be collected
Name, Email Address. Company Name, Nationality, Details of Consultation

■ Personal information items that will be collected
Name, Email Address. Company Name, Nationality, Details of Consultation

■ Collection of personal information and the purpose
Any information that the user provides shall not be used for purposes other than effective consulting service, introduction of new products, and customized customer service.

■ The term of reserving and using personal information
In principle, the collected personal information shall be destroyed immediately, once the purpose of using it is accomplished. But, if deemed necessary according to relevant laws or regulations, the company shall reserve the personal information for a certain period of time, complying with such laws and regulations- the information is automatically destroyed upon expiry of such period.

■ Right to refuse to agree
The user can refuse to agree to the Privacy Policies; in such case, the user may be restricted from using some services that we provide.

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